Values and Ethos

Mission Statement

Inspiring Education, Sharing Our Faith and Achieving Our Dreams.

School Aims & Ethos

  • To provide a Catholic, Christian setting which enables our children to grow in faith, love and understanding and to develop key qualities such as honesty, trust and respect for each other
  • To make prayer and liturgy meaningful and relevant
  • To foster and atmosphere which encourages achievement, motivation, initiative, self-worth, co-operation and communication
  • To provide a stimulating, exciting, and creative learning environment which both challenges and supports our children so that they can dream big and aspire to realise their potential
  • To seek to develop the whole child enriching them spiritually, morally, socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and creatively

Values Education

St Patrick’s pupils know they are called to make a difference by being a thinking, feeling, questioning person in our world, embracing and living out Gospel Values.

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is rooted in our school’s mission statement, ‘………..’ living out the gospel allowing our children to become lifelong learners.

We believe that children can make a difference in the world and we promote this through a curriculum that is developed around our school values.

Our values for 2022/2023:

We focus on one value each month across our school.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage children to know and understand that our values shape us so children can be leaders, question the world and challenge what goes on in society.  

We want to nurture questioning, thinking, feeling children.

We seek opportunities to enjoy the awe and wonder of our locality using our environment. This is achieved through local visits and close links with educational partners including the Eden Curriculum.  Our curriculum explores place-based learning with visits from Eden Bear to local walks exploring local history.

We develop close links with local partners including visiting artists; visits to and from the University of Lancaster and working alongside other local schools. These links have provided inspiring learning experiences from STEM, local visiting artists, British Values and Eden Bear visits to our Reception children.  Our curriculum has enrichment opportunities to extend and embed learning for example, farm and zoo visits; trips to museums to see exhibitions and attend historical workshops; visits to the University of Lancaster to deepen understanding of British Values and democracy.

We aim to raise the aspirations of our children to help them believe that they can achieve and fulfil their individual talents. Our curriculum is inclusive to ensure all children get the opportunity to find new talents. 

At St Patrick’s Primary School, we believe we all have a unique place in our world.