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 The Curriculum






Numeracy is the teaching of mathematics.  It includes using and applying maths, number, data handling and shape and space.  


Using and Applying Maths


It is important when teaching Maths that our children understand its relevance to everyday life.  This aspect of maths therefore focuses on investigations and links with the creativity and learning through play and other aspects of our curriculum. 




This part of the Maths curriculum is about calculating using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  It also includes problem-solving using the above operations. The children are taught different methods to help solve calculations so that they have a number of different strategies to help them.  The move into more formal systems the further up the school they go.


Shape, Space & Measures


Shape and Space is the area of Maths that looks at the properties of shape.  It also explores perimeter, area, symmetry and measures and measurement.  




Graphs, charts, diagrams, interpretation of data, tallies and probability are all part of this programme of study.