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SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability)




SEN pupils have an IEP which is written and reviewed every half term.  It is written in consultation with all partners. School and home have copies. Parents/carers are involved in IEP reviews and the setting of new targets

Progress of SEN pupils is monitored regularly by the SENCO and Leadership Team to ensure that the learning provision is appropriate

Individuals and groups, such as SEN/EAL/G&T are monitored via assessments. 


Support is targeted accordingly through provision mapping.

Outside agencies are used in a supportive and advisory capacity. Child protection issues are the responsibility of the headteacher.

Gifted and talented pupils receive support accordingly. 

A race equality policy is in place and incidents are monitored.

Looked after children have a PEP (personal education plan) which is monitored regularly by the head teacher.

Attendance is monitored by the heateacher and lateness/absence is targeted.

The School Council is involved in making key decisions. One boy and one girl from each class are elected annually.

Buddies and monitors assist at playtimes and liaise with the school’s welfare adults. Governors are aware of inclusion issues and strategies. The SEN Governor along with the SMT and SENCo, oversee inclusion in practice within the school.