Religious Education

Curriculum Intent

At St Patrick’s we believe that every person is called to make a difference. Christ helps us to make that difference by being at the centre of everything we do.

We want our RE curriculum to help us all be more like Jesus by helping everyone in our school community grow in faith; by recognising all our unique gifts and talents and to develop that we have all been called to make a difference in society and to thrive in our world fulfilling God’s plan.

In RE, children will acquire essential skills:

  • to have knowledge and understanding of a range of scripture and the life and work of key figures in the history of the People of God.
  • to have knowledge and some understanding of a range of beliefs and to make links between beliefs and sources, worship and life.
  • to know what it means to belong to a church community, understanding some of the liturgical year celebrations, Sacraments and different liturgies.
  • to be reflective in asking questions of meaning and purpose and acknowledge others’ points of view and to be able to support their own views.
  • to be able to choose to live good lives, to excel as members of society working for the common good as an example to others through their words and actions.

RE Curriculum Implementation

At St Patrick’s Primary School, RE is given 10% of curriculum time and is prioritised as a core subject. The Religious Education Curriculum Directory (RECD) underpins our teaching and learning. Come and See is a Diocesan approved scheme and forms the basis for curriculum teaching and learning. We also use other resources to help us achieve the essential skills of RE. We use Caritas in Action resources to strengthen our commitment to social justice and our Gospel Values underpin our day-to-day lives. We teach our children about the Church’s liturgical year and this is delivered through whole school assemblies and special assemblies.

RE Curriculum Impact

Each term we use moderation to assess our children’s understanding of age-related expectations in Religious Education.

We hope that our children’s experience of prayer and liturgy, Catholic tradition and teachings will ensure our pupils are prepared for a life in a diverse society. That they will be fully able to make a difference in our world and fulfil God’s unique plan for them. We hope that our children are members of society who live out the Gospel Values, living out the example of Jesus to all they meet and that by growing spiritually and morally.

Our Catholic Curriculum

At St Patrick’s Primary School, we want all our children to live out our school mission statement: Inspiring Education, Sharing Our Faith, Achieving Our Dreams. We want to grow to be more like Jesus in our everyday actions with each other, our local community and our global family. We can do this by growing in the knowledge and understanding of Jesus’ life and teachings; these are an example to us. We will experience prayer and liturgy that builds on learning in RE and Catholic tradition and develop children’s spiritual and religious dimensions of life through awe and wonder. We recognise the importance of helping children to understand God’s plan for them and to live a life of action. We want our children to confidently know that God has chosen them to make a difference in our world and to flourish as the unique creation they have been born to be with many gifts and talents to help them thrive in our world. We want our children to live out the Gospel Values and make that difference in our world.