Religious Education

The Catholic School

St Patrick’s is a Catholic school and as such we celebrate our identity as Christian people promoting those values which provide a Catholic, Christian setting which enables our children to grow in faith, love and understanding and to develop key qualities such as honesty, trust and respect for each other.  

The RE Curriculum

Our R.E. Scheme is called ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’.  It explores the life of Jesus and our lives as Christian people.  It also looks in detail at sacramental life and prayer. The scheme also looks at inspirational people and other world religions so that our children grow in understanding of the world around them and their place as Christians in that world. On important days in the year, such as Ash Wednesday or Holy Days, we celebrate by having Mass in school or walking the older children to church.  We also have regular assemblies and hymn practices.  

RE – The Curriculum Around the School

In school we seek to foster and atmosphere which encourages achievement, motivation, initiative, self-worth, co-operation and communication and which makes prayer and liturgy meaningful and relevant.  We encourage our children to show good manners, respect and love for one another and the staff are encouraged to model this in their relationships with the children also.


Caritas in Action

Children will be taught their SMSCE (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education) and Citizenship curriculum through the Caritas in Action scheme.  The first entitlement of all children is to be spiritually, morally, socially and culturally educated. The Caritas in Action scheme has been produced  as a response to Catholic Social Teaching, which calls us all as Catholics to work for the common good, help build a just society, uphold the dignity of human life and work for justice and the dignity of all our brothers and sisters, especially those in the greatest need.   Caritas in Action provides a unique and engaging set of teaching and learning opportunities for seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching.  These themes are as follows:

Dignity of the Human Person Family and Community Solidarity and the Common Good Dignity of Work Rights and Responsibilities Option for the Poor and Vulnerable Stewardship      



HRSE refers to the teaching of Human Relationships and Sex Education.  This programme of study has been prepared to support educators in our family of schools as they enable our young people to grow in faith and understanding of themselves, their relationship with God and with one another. The opportunity offered in Catholic schools is to encourage young people to recognise their interior beauty, their dignity as a human and through this to understand and value the worth of others. This builds on the experience of the home where, as children, we all experience our first expressions of love and form our first relationships. The challenge in school life is to develop this not just in an academic sense, but as a lived expression of belief ultimately, an invitation to hear the Good News


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