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St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School
The Catholic Diocese of Lancaster

Monday 2nd November 2015
Year 2 Homework
Dear Parent/Carer.
Today your child has brought home their homework folder. This folder contains a Maths booklet and a Spellings book.
Please support your child to complete two pages of the booklet. The booklet is to be returned to school every Friday to be marked and it will be given back to your child the following Monday.
Your child will be given a set of spellings to learn each Monday. Please make sure that their book is in school every day as we are going to have spelling practise each morning and during guided reading sessions. Please don’t allow your child to write in the book, but practise on paper or out loud. We will have a spelling test each Friday.
If you have any questions or concerns about homework please see us either before school or we can discuss homework at parents’ evening on Monday 9th November.
Thank you for your support.
Miss Hanson and Mrs Crabtree.