Family Support

Here at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary school, we are committed to supporting you as families at home as well as helping your child learn at school.  We can offer support in a number of different ways.

We can refer you or your child/family to the Children and Families Well-being Service. Also, we  are now part of a Morecambe wide project which brings a family support worker linked to CAMHS into school and can refer you to them for help.  We also have an Educational Psychologist who can offer support over the phone at this time if you are struggling with your child at home.  Additionally, we can arrange for food parcels to be delivered to your home if you find that you are struggling because of changes in income.  Please contact school by phone or email if you need a referral to any of these services.  Your call will be treated confidentially.

There is also a Mental Health Family Hour being broadcast each week.  The link is:

Tomorrows episode (12/05/20) is about low mood and depression. Given the success of the anxiety episode, I think tomorrows session will also be extremely beneficial given the current situation. If you know anybody who is struggling with depression, is feeling unusually low or even they want to just learn more about this topic, please share this with them. We will be talking about ways in which we can combat this and also linking in to both of our personal stories.

Here is the link –

10am tomorrow for episode 5.

Stay safe everyone.

Mrs Hind:

Miss Murphy:

Please find below some leaflets and links which may be of use to you in terms of parent support, especially during this time.

Acorn Educational Psychology Advice

Children and Family well-being service

Community Support Services in Lancaster / Morecambe