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The Curriculum


Literacy is the teaching of English and involves reading, writing, spelling & phonics, speaking & listening and handwriting.  


Each individual child will have a reading book which is changed regularly.  This forms only a part of their reading learning in school.  Reading is given a high profile and we seek to develop a love of reading that lasts a lifetime.

Each week in class the children take part in shared reading which teaches them reading comprehension skills. They also have guided reading sessions each day which seeks to extend reading skills and understanding by looking at a specific focus.  The children are taught how to respond orally using teacher modelling and response hooks /    clues.


Our children are taught that their writing is valued and we have high expectations for both content and presentation.  The class teacher models the skills which the children are taught in a fun and interactive way.  We try to give our children a creative and imaginative experience in writing and when possible use first hand, real experiences.

Lessons also involves guided writing which works on individual steps for development and therefore has a specific focus to help move the children on.

Speaking and Listening

Speaking & listening form an essential part of learning in Literacy and it is vitally important that we engage our children in speaking and listening opportunities daily. There are planned opportunities for this to happen in all lessons and children have talk partners with whom they share their ideas and responses. Role play and drama activities give our children the chance to share their learning in a creative way.

Spelling , Phonics and Handwriting

Phonics is taught every day in Key Stage One and five-session spelling is planned  every Key Stage Two.

Spellings are explicitly taught through investigation of rules, conventions and strategies before lists are sent home.

Handwriting is modelled by the class teacher and presentation of a high standard is encouraged.