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Year 2

Miss Hanson and Mrs Crabtree

Spring Term Two


In spring term two we are going to be starting some new topics in each of our curriculum areas.



In English we are going to be looking at the genre of traditional tales, but with a twist. We are going to compare different versions of the story Cinderella and have a go at writing our own tale with a twist.



In Maths we will be doing a lot of work on number and place value. We will continue our work on multiplication, working on the two and ten times tables in star time. The children will be looking at division as sharing and grouping.



RE this half term will focus on the importance of Mass and the readings at Mass. The children will write a Lenten promise. We will learn about what happened during Holy Week and the sacrifice that God and Jesus made for us.



Science this half term will be very exciting, with some little visitors in our classroom! We are learning about animals, their habitats and what they need to survive. We will be comparing animals in our country with those found in Madagascar as part our theme lessons.



For our theme sessions we are going to comparing Morecambe with part of the island of Madagascar. We will look at how they are similar and different, in terms of what they are like, the weather, the landscape and the people and animals that live there.



PE in Year 2 is on Mondays and Fridays each week. Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit so that they are able to take part in our sessions. Our Monday sessions this half term will be gymnastics, learning basic movements, whilst developing balance and co-ordination. Friday sessions will be with Mr Lofthouse.


Homework in Year 2 is one page from your child's Maths homework booklet a week and daily spellings. The Maths booklet is to be returned to school by Friday each week so that it can be marked. Spellings are to be practised at home each night. Your child will have a spelling test once a week and given a new spelling sheet if they are ready to move on.